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2011 & 12 have been very full with events and showings including 'Celebration Of Spring' Exhibition @ The Deer Lake Gallery, 38th Annual "Arnold Mikelson Festival of Arts", The Delta Longhouse Gallery, Minnekhada 'Art In The Park', the 'Peninsula Artists Studio Tour', White Rock's 'Uptown Street Festival' , 'Art On Display' @ the White Rock Community Centre and much more.

Looking forward to 2013 with some new works and shows.

Hoping to push myself into some new directions and challenges.



Art In The Park - Minnekhada Park
The Longhouse Gallery, Delta
Deer Lake Gallery, Burnaby
39th Annual Arnold Mikelson Festival of Arts


July 9th, 2011

Currently showing at the 38th Annual "Arnold Mikelson Festival of Arts"
Mind and Matter Art Gallery. 13743 16th Ave, South Surrey/White Rock
July 9th & 10th, 16th & 17th 2011 from 10:00 a.m.- 6 p.m.

***** Official Opening SATURDAY, JULY 9TH, 2011 - 1:30 p.m.******

Three acres of beautiful gardens filled with over 100 artists' creations.





Showing @ Art Works Gallery


News - July 2011

BIG WOW. Sure haven't updated my site in a long time. 5 years later. Why? Lots on the plate these last 5 years. New homes & studios. From Commercial Drive to Victoria Drive and now to White Rock/South Surrey. Lots of changes over the years and a lot of stop and go painting. I believe this will be the last home and studio for some time and I should be able to focus on the painting exclusively. Reno's are done and the studio and gallery is ready to go. Had to take 2 years off from painting to rebuild and remodel the home & studio. Now to paint like a mad man and do some catching up.

10th Avenue Studio  


Sept 2006  Wow!! It's been 3 years since I've updated my site. Probably because a lot has been happening over that time. For starters I'm now represented by Art Works Gallery in downtown Vancouver. I've been in a few showings there and so far it's going great. Please check out their site. You'll find me there as well as many great artists.

A lot of changes since I last updated including a new home and studio. I miss the old warehouse studio (that was a fun place) but I have a new studio that's really great. Took me 5 months to build and is by far the best working studio to date. Back to painting now and hope to have an open house very soon. It's been a super busy time for the past three years and the dust is beginning to settle. Thanks for dropping by. Manuela & I wish you all the best.


Studio on 36th Ave


Nov 2003

I would like to say thanks to all those who came to my shows during the 2003 year. Last year I had the pleasure of showing at the 'Hidden Art Gallery' in New Denver, B.C. Not so hidden as I met many great people from both Alberta and British Columbia and it was a very successful show in more ways than one. Another memorable showing was at the 'Iron Works Gallery' in Vancouver. Live music, lots of people and a great time all around. There were also two shows at the Railway Street studios. Our yearly open house with guest artists and the Vancouver East Culture Crawl. Both a great success. As usual hundreds of people attended and was a fun time all around. Unfortunately all the artists have moved from the Railway Street studio's due to the sale of the building. We had many great art shows and many great people were met. The community will be missed.

On another note I have now moved to a new home and studio by Commercial Drive. A little bit quieter and much more private. The studio is a lot smaller than I'm use to but it has a nice intimacy about it and I believe it could be good for my creativity. Looking forward to the year ahead.


Little Studio on the Drive
Railway Street Studio, Vancouver Warehouse